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Stopping to admire the view

Just like a Coaching journey, business consultancy is seldom a linear process. The most enjoyable, most rewarding and most memorable of journeys are often those that had a few unexpected twists and turns along the way. Like meeting the old man in the market who tells you that you can’t miss seeing a spectacular, but only locally known, vantage point, or staying a night in that amazing little village B&B you had read about, with the most incredible seafood, but didn’t realise you were going to pass on the road. Decisions not known in advance but which, when taken, added something really special to the trip.

As much as structure in consultancy is important, equally so is the ability to help businesses to clearly think through what they need to do to drive greater effectiveness and impact on the bottom line. Sometimes it becomes evident that what was initially thought to be the core issue or challenge actually has a lesser priority with the result that the focus is placed on something else entirely.

Having that detached, objective, external support to help you see that sometimes taking that winding path, rather than heading straight across the road, can be invaluable and lead to a stronger, more valuable and sustainable solution to an issue, than originally thought.

People might be more interested in seeing the photos and hearing the stories of that trip too!