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Miles Franklin once said, “Someone to tell it to is one of the
fundamental needs of human beings”.

Welcome to Coaching... For those who want to fulfil their potential, develop as a person and maximise their opportunities in life!


Perhaps it’s useful, firstly, to say what it isn’t.

It isn’t Mentoring, Counselling or any form of Therapy. It is however, a powerful and potentially life-changing process of challenge and support for someone in defining and ultimately reaching their goal. All the answers are in the mind, but working with an experienced Coach to help you walk every step of that very personal journey can be invaluable.

What could be more fulfilling than being the best you can be,
becoming more effective at whatever you do and reaching your full potential!

Practising under the Code of Conduct & Ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF), MindWalk is passionate about Coaching and firmly believes that it can be a truly transformational process. Whether in work or life in general, Coaching is equally beneficial to a student preparing for key exams or the CEO of a Global


This really depends on the requirements of the client.

Some organisations, for example, may request that we schedule
individual Coaching sessions for a few employees over the course of a day. This process would continue over a number of months until 6 sessions had been completed for each of the employees.

Individual Coaching is typically delivered over a 4-6 month period
comprising 6 one hour sessions.

Many people who have been formally coached consider the process to have been one of the most transformational and sustainable
personal journeys they have ever experienced.

Take that step to being Coached.

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